Audiometric Hearing Screening

Hearing screening is still audiometry in the work place.



industrial audiometry

Hearing screening is still audiometry in the work place and still designed to ascertain a clients hearing thresholds (the sounds they can hear and the sounds they may been having trouble with). The testing is often conducted using the same equipment but often utilises only the conductive part of a hearing test and so is not considered a full test.

This still complies with current hearing legislation and a full test is often only a requirement if an issue has been hlighlighted.

This is often more financially viable for many companies.

Full documented ear health screening and hearing threshold test (without bone conduction) carried out by fully qualified technicians. This test includes your written report on each individual and should be used for hearing screening classification scoring in line with HSE regulations.


This price is for a maximum of 20 people in an 8 hour day/shift.
Additional tests can be accommodated for a standard fee of £35 per client.