Swimming Earplugs

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or just love being in the water, CluisTROM's custom made swim plugs will prevent the discomfort of water entering the ears, and protect you from infections, making swimming safer and more fun.

Our swim plugs are custom made to fit your ears, and are biopore based so that they are soft, flexible and comfortable to wear – yet provide a reliable barrier to water, in a swimming pool or the sea.

Easy care, longlasting

Swim plugs by CluisTROM are manufactured to the highest standards using best quality materials to provide many years of effective service. They are supplied with a carrying case for safe storage and are easy to look after – simply wash regularly with mild hand soap and hot water.

Custom made for you

Our earplugs are custom made to fit you from exact impressions taken of your ears. This enables us to produce comfortable, natural fitting earplugs that can be worn for long periods of time.

Our Custom Moulded Swim Plug with Bubble Float is available throughout the UK at £120 per set

3D scan ready for manufacturing