Kuduwave Plus

Introducing the CluisTROM KUDUwave™ Plus



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kuduwave audiometry

kuduwave audiometry

Experience true testing mobility.

Incorporates both pure tone and bone conduction testing with masking and speech, making it the perfect tool for audiological screening and diagnostics. Used by both audiologists and General Practitioners.

Completely contained within a lightweight headset (0.432kg), the KUDUwave™ replaces expensive static hardware, making it the most cost effective system on the market today. Plug & Play (USB) hardware and our Windows®-based software provide easy setup, intuitive operation and accurate, compliant testing.

This means that the the KUDUwave™ is the first truly mobile system of its kind, and embraces the need for fast and accurate testing needed to meet the demands of modern occupational health and safety.

Out of the booth!

Four stage sound blocking technology removes the need for expensive soundproof booths, making mobile audiology a reality. Ambi-Dome™ technology includes Active Noise Monitoring that monitors ambient noise levels, and will report on any noise interference and also allow you to automatically pause testing and adjust if noise levels are not ideal.

Revolutionise the way you do business.

Speed and accuracy are the main driving factors in modern occupational health and safety testing, which means that traditional testing methods are fast becoming obsolete. Unless you are using the latest technology.

The KUDUwave™ Plus is the perfect screening tool for the occupational health environment and is ideal for high volume industrial, school and wellness day screening.

Efficiency Through Automation.

The KUDUwave™ eliminates repetitive tasks with its advanced automation technology that also improves testing accuracy and efficiency. This means that you are able to process patients faster, and cover a greater areas in a fraction of the time it would’ve normally taken.

  • Automated threshold seeking, pure tone air and bone conduction testing.
  • Preloaded phonetically balanced and monosyllabic word lists for fast, consistent and accurate speech testing.
  • Patient compliance; false positive response indicator and response button accuracy monitoring.
  • Diagnostics such as Hughson and Westlake methodology, Békésy.

True Mobility and Maximum Versatility.

The robust, yet lightweight design of the KUDUwave™ makes for easy travel, and means that you no longer need to move sound booths around. Now you can test more patients, quickly and easily, and expand your operation that much quicker.

The telemedicine capabilities of the KUDUwave™ allow you to embrace a fully mobile work environment, as it can be accessed by a consulting audiologist to test patients remotely from anywhere in the world.