The Product

F10 Filter (white)

Attenutates noise levels from pile driving, shooting, high pressure cleaners and is suitable for studying.


F8 Filter (red)

Attenutates noise levels from heavy industry, metal processing, snoring
and is suitable for sleeping peacefully.


F7 Filter (green)

Attenutates noise levels from timber industry, construction work, DIY, motorcycling (wind noise).


F6 Filter (blue)

(for Personal Use Only) Attenutates noise levels from light industry, transport industry, music (party/concerts) and lawn mowing.


F5 Filter (yellow)

(for Personal Use Only) Attenutates noise levels from printing works.


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CluisTROM is the Uk's leading supplier of custom moulded and filtered hearing protection.


Working with Starkey, the worlds largest manufacturer of hearing aids, we are the distributers of Alpine, Bachmaier and Racal acoustic filter products.


With these filters, conversational speech is still audible while damaging sounds are attenuated.   The filters allow for both aeration and changes in sound pressure levels helping to ensure the wearers comfort and the health of the ear.


With dozens of filter and material variations, both passive and electronic, our custom moulded protection suits any industrial application.



By using CluisTROM Custom protection, it's not only possible to save thousands on your Health & Safety spend, but you'll safeguard the long term hearing of your employees. And, the list goes on...


  • Cannot be worn incorrectly
  • Provides better Protection than Disposables & Muffs
  • More Comfortable
  • Wearer can still hear normal conversation levels
  • Interchangeable Filters to suit all noise environments
  • Virtually Indestructible
  • Variety of materials and colours, including HiViz
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Doesn't interfere with other safety equipment such as hard hats or safety eyewear
  • Custom mould for any radio comm ear piece
  • Manufactured in Great Britain