Cluistrom's handheld 3D scanner utilises three different scanning modes each one essential to achieve a perfect fit.

The first beam centralises the laser probe and calibrates for each individual ear.

The second horizontal beam maps the outer ridges of the ear while the third mode has the probe change to a circular bean which entirely maps the canal even beyond the two bends inside.

Our system gives unparalleled fit for our Custom ear Plugs during the printing stage and ensures that the product produces a complete acoustic seal.

There is no added pressure associated with standard impression material so there is no risk of producing an ill fitting and uncomfortable product.

The scan is sent to the printer and the product manufactured without human contact ensuring a best in class hygienic procedure with zero chance of cross contamination.

High Definition 4K Images

During the scanning procedure the operator monitors the images on the handset while the client can also view them via the computer screen.

The images are constantly displayed while being formed in high definition 4K. The clarity of the pictures ensures that any abnormality or contraindicator can be clearly visible and appropriate action taken.

The use of the additional headband ensures a calibrated scan is obtained for each individual ear , even opposite ears of the same client.

Make the leap from dissposable throw away earplugs and join some illustrious companies.

We provide earplugs and custom ear moulds to protect the hearing and prevent hearing loss for swimmers, hunters, musicians and many more.

Custom-Fit Earplugs To Isolate Yourself From Unwanted Sound.

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We provide earplugs and custom ear moulds
to protect your hearing and
prevent hearing loss