Industrial Audiometry Tests

In line with currant legislation CluisTROM offers full audiometric hearing tests/screening for your entire workforce.

Testing/screening is conducted using Kuduwave audiometers which are recognised as the “Gold Standard” in audiometry. Full comprehensive reports are supplied in both hard and electronic versions with personal categorisation of each individual tested. The use of Kuduwave equipment removes the need for sound booths or mobile testing vans and the service can therefore be conducted almost anywhere in your facility.

The results attained can be used to diagnose hearing loss and diseases of the ear.

What are Industrial Audiometry Tests?

An Audiometry Test is a simple hearing test and forms part of the health surveillance ‘duty of care’ requirement of employers and determines threshold responses of staff members hearing.

These hearing tests can also measure the ability to discriminate between different sounds, recognise alarms , or distinguish speech from background noise.

The results gleaned from an Audiometry Test and the subsequent investigations can be used to diagnose hearing loss or diseases of the ear.

Why are these tests important?

Noise-induced hearing loss is preventable.

The presence of potentially hazardous levels of noise is a fact of life in the modern workplace. Minimizing the risk of both employees and employers is therefore of paramount importance.

The HSE Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005) state “If the risk assessment indicates that there is a risk to the health of employees who are, or are liable to be, exposed to noise, the employer shall ensure that such employees are placed under suitable health surveillance, which shall include testing of their hearing.”

For this reason Audiometric Testing and appropriate occupational health management is used to:

Why is Industrial Hearing Tests so critically important? Individuals who work in high level noise are the most susceptible to developing hearing loss