Quite Pro Machine



QUIETPRO QP100Ex is your first and best line of defense against noise-induced hearing loss — and ensures worker protection and safety.

The clearest communication and verifiable protection

Available for adapting to rapidly changing noise environments.

The ability for workers in high-noise environments to identify, process, and comprehend critical information while communicating clearly is essential to the safety of the entire work team.


CluisTROM supply a full range of custom hearing protection for all industrial applications.

We are the only company in the UK that 3d print every single unit

Meaning that the items are the closest fit possible to the original impression. This ensures a perfect fit and absolute protection.

There is a full choice of 22 colours (including High Viz) three shore values and seven materials to choose from and nine different filter options tailored to your environment.

We provide metal detectable ear plugs for the food industry complete with our unique metal detectable cord. Each set comes with a carry pouch and lanyard full instructions and cleaning tool.

We provide earplugs and custom ear moulds
to protect your hearing and
prevent hearing loss