Audiometric & Workplace Hearing Tests

Cluistrom Audiometric and Workplace Hearing Tests

Improving your health, safety & environmental performance.

On-site Audiometry Tests

Cluistrom not only manufacture some of the finest hearing protection and communication products in the world, we also provide on-site Audiometry Tests using fully trained technicians utilising the most accurate and highly specialised equipment in audiology today.
We can test for standard forms of hearing loss but also for extreme early warning scenarios using the unique Kuduwave 5000 audiometer. We conduct onsite analysis of the findings, and employees requiring referral to an occupational health practitioner/GP are confidentially identified.
A full and concise report is also provided in hard copy format.

Many years experience

CluisTROM have many years of experience in providing Audiometric services that comply with the Noise at Work Regulations (2005). We provide Audiometry Tests and Workplace Hearing Tests with expert technical advice and interpretation of the findings, as well as cost effective and practical recommendations for solutions.

We cover all shift patterns in a 24 hour period and there are no hidden costs to our pricing policy. The price stated is the price we charge regardless of where you are in the United Kingdom or what times your business operates.

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