We have a range of non custom products available from Tunz, Alpine, Surf Ears and many more.

If you only venture out to live music very occasionlly we can supplly flat response occasional use ear plugs – hear the music and enjoy the event – just a little quieter.

We have a great range of motor cycle plugs. Over half the work force at our head office are avid bikers so we like to think we know a thing or two about bikes and noise! Did you know that levels under motorcycle helmets can be very high? At speeds above 40 mph the wind noise generated by the airflow over a motorcycle and rider exceeds the noise from the motorcycle itself! We have a great range of motor cycle plugs and some great testimonials.

Generic occasional use ear plugs are available to be used in loud environments where only very occasional exposure occurs.

Struggling to sleep? If you struggle to sleep a custom device may be the perfect answer. With more and more outside noise it can sometimes be a struggle to get a deep sleep. Where shift working, snoring partners or noisy neighbours give you problems our “secure sleep” earplugs will help restore a good night’s sleep. The product works the same way as our heavy work units by reducing the background noise to levels that don’t deter a good night’s rest. Custom moulded ear plugs are also available for even extra comfort

CluisTROM offer a full range of devices designed to protect your hearing and enhance your enjoyment of the sport. Products available range from, “Passive” These offer protection all the time they are being worn with no electronics inside. “Reactive” These react to the noise of the firearm to quickly dampen the reverberation. “Active” Active products combine the best aspects of a reactive system while also enhancing the sounds around you for clearer communication. Perfect for the serious hunter or those involved with instruction. CluisTROM also offer full professional body worn systems for use in Deep core mining, Oil and Gas drilling, military or policing applications. 

Are you a serious swimmer? If you are a serious swimmer try our specialist product designed to remain buoyant if you remove them but more importantly keep water from your ears while in use. The CluisTROM ‘SWIM PLUG’ is manufactured as a full shell filling the whole of your ear this gives for extra security in the water and won’t interfere with caps and head gear. The product removes the issue of swimmers ear and can stop the onset of surfer’s ear. With occasional use SwimSafe plugs are also available and help stop water ingress.

CluisTROm continue to supply electronic commmunications systems to clients in many parts of the world to be used in the harshest of environments. Due to the sensitive nature of this type of work we respectivley ask interested parties to contact our head office with a detailed outline of the requirement.

CluisTROM and it’s subsidiary (holding) companies abide by all relevant legislation regarding international trade and the sanctions imposed thereof.  A comprehensive list can be found at:

The material used for the majority of our hearing protection is MicroFlex Extreme, recognised as the highest performing material on the market today.

These products are digitally printed using state of the art digital 3d printers in a specially constructed area of the laboratory.

CluisTROM still offer conventional medical grade and dental grade Bio-pore and Micro-flex silicone products and have gold, silver and nano coatings as options on the majority of our range. Please contact our head office with specific enquiries.

Every ear-mould we produce is nano-coated as standard with an anti-micro bacterial layer, which inhibits infections.

The product is available in three shore values and in any of 22 colours and styles with options available for cording, metal detection and communication attachments. All hearing protection moulded products are manufactured in the United Kingdom in the largest commercial ear-mould laboratory in Europe.

We provide earplugs and custom ear moulds
to protect your hearing and
prevent hearing loss